Bye Bye, Mi Amor 가사 - David Lyme

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David Lyme - Bye Bye, Mi Amor

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Lost in the middle of the jungle
Sending as S.O.S. to the world
Lanely on a island
In the middle of the sea
I hear a strangers voice around me
A savage woman looks to my eyes
But I know this baby, shte's the woman of tarzan

And I fall in love with her
Two for love in paradise
She's the kind of girl I love
She's girl of my dream
But the night arrives and she
Goes so for away from me
I don't know why she says bye please don't go
From my side
Bye bye mi amor ooo
I will miss you forever
Bye bye im amor my baby
Don't you leave me tonight

I don't know if I'm only dreaming
But I'm reall reall surprise
Now I can't believe it
But she's infront of me

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